CDF born in 1965 in VINOVO an industrial zone near TURIN, as manufacturer of Clutch Discs for Cars, Trucks and Tractors. Since always in the spare parts field, CDF has aways been evolving with investments in toolings, moulds, machines and qualified people in order to face the always more exigent requirements of the Market, but paying particular attention to the costs in order to offer Customers a valid and qualitative products at a competitive price.

The quality and the holding of cost and prices, using efficiencies and technologies of production, are and become the armies necessary to face the even more massive and hardened international competition that has been growing in the latest years creating a lot of big problems to sales.

For this purpose, we have differentiated our production making a cheaper product suitable to applications, but manufactured with the fifty year-old experience that CDF has in the Clutch plates field. But the innovation grows not only in terms of materials: presently, the confort in the Clutch field means torsion predamper and progressive Clutch, infact it is in the heart of Clutch that we have acted in order to "cut" the noises and the vibrations that transmit from the engine to the gear-box and transmission.

Moreover, in order to improve the progressivity and performance of Clutch in the release operation, we have made some modification to the hub's profiles and to the shovels hub supporting facings in addition to the steady action made on the Friction material. These innovations, adopted at first on the diesel Cars, find now a large application on all the range in the catalogue. Presently, CDF is available to cover the 90% of the circulating cars, trucks, bus, and tractors.

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